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Paid Opportunity: Hiring Temporary Builders
 Sabbing •   3 months ago •  113

Paid Opportunity: I need builders to make unique PVP arenas for our McDuels plugin. They need to be fairly large, at least 50x50 and in a rectangle or square format.

A portfolio of builds are expected, screenshots of old builds are fine.

You ca...

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 Sabbing •   3 months ago •  103

We have recently rebranded from Semi-Anarchy to a full Survival server. If you see us advertised as semi-anarchy or anarchy that is now incorrect information.

We will ban for the following:

Griefing - this includes placing blocks down in-front of players builds, instead of using lava or water buckets you are using blocks to ruin another player's build.

Fly hacking - We will eventually have an item that permits flying. Using a client to fly is not permitted.

Other forms of hacking - This includes x-ray.

Building Offensive Icons - This means things like swastikas are not permitted.

If you've been recently banned for offending these rules please feel free to make an appeal by joining Discor...

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Join Discord to get a Free Rank
 Sabbing •   6 months ago •  360

Join us on discord to get a free [Member] rank. The free rank will have to be manually added so PM me on discord or while I'm in game if I'm online!

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